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CamPlot[locuspoint, {alpha, min, max}] returns a SysPlot object representing the cam profile, a 2D or 3D space curve, that is defined by the locus of locuspoint.
CamPlot[bnum, {lpnt1, lpnt2, ... , lpntn}, {alpha, min, max}] plots several point loci on one body, all of which must be functions of alpha.
CamPlot[locuspoint, {alpha, min, max}, {beta, min, max}] returns a SysPlot object representing a 3D cam surface profile. The coordinates of locuspoint must be a function of the symbols alpha and beta.

• The SysPlot object returned by CamPlot is not evaluated until numeric values are available for the Mech system variables associated with the body on which locuspoint is located.
SysPlot returns a
Graphics object (2D) or Graphics3D object (3D), not a graphics primitive.
• See also: LocusPlot.