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CamToPoint1[cnum, locuspoint, {alpha, guess}, point] models a cam surface with a point follower.
• The locus of locuspoint defines the cam surface as a function of the symbol alpha (locuspoint must be defined as a function of alpha).
CamToPoint1 enforces that the specified point lies on the surface of the cam profile.
• In Modeler3D, two {symbol, guess} pairs must be provided.
CamToPoint1 constrains one degree of freedom.

• In Modeler3D, each locuspoint is a parametric function of two parameters, so as to define a surface in 3D space.
CamToPoint1 generates two (2D) or three (3D) constraint equations and introduces one or two new variables, hence constraining one degree of freedom in 2D or 3D.
• The two (or three) equations constrain point to be coincident with the contact point on the cam profile.
• See also:
CamToCam1, SetConstraints, SysCon.

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