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FindTime[eqn] seeks the solution to the current model that satisfies the given equation eqn with time treated as a dependent variable. The equation must have the head Equal.

• The following options can be given:

• The default setting for the Solution option, Automatic, causes FindTime to examine the symbols in eqn and choose a Solution setting that is sufficient to provide values for the symbols found.
• If symbols are found in eqn that would not be satisfied by the requested Solution level, the Solution level is overridden with a higher-order solution level than is requested. For example, if the equation supplied to FindTime contains velocity and lambda terms and Solution->Location is given, FindTime uses the Kinematic setting to satisfy all of the symbols in eqn.
• If the equation contains only location and lambda terms and a dynamic solution is desired, Solution->Dynamic must be given because FindTime would choose to use Static by default.
• See also: FindSwitchTime, SetCouple, SolveCouple.