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GenCylindrical4[cnum, axis1, axis2, {alpha, guess}, {beta, guess}] returns a constraint object that introduces a slave body into the model represented by two generalized coordinates alpha and beta.
• The axis1 body is a slave to the axis2 body with one degree of rotational freedom and one degree of translational freedom. The two axes are constrained to be colinear and the distance from the origin of axis2 to that of axis1, in the direction of axis2, is represented by alpha. The angle from the projection of the reference direction of axis2 to that of axis1, in the right-hand sense, is represented by beta.

• Note that GenCylindrical4 actually adds two degrees of freedom to the model, as opposed to constraining four.
• See also:
Cylindrical4, SetConstraints, SysCon.

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