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Involute[sym, {x, y}, baseradius, pitchradius, angle] returns the equation of an involute gear tooth as a function of the parameter sym. The involute has a base circle of baseradius centered at {x, y}.
• The involute profile is rotationally located such that the point where the profile intersects the pitch circle lies on a ray that passes through {x, y} in the direction of the specified angle.

• If pitchradius is negative then the profile spirals in the clockwise direction, otherwise it spirals in the counterclockwise direction.
• The involute locus travels from the base circle to the pitch circle, as sym goes from 0 to  .
Involute accepts the
Interference option.
• With the Interference option the locus travels from the base circle to the center of the gear as sym goes from 0 to -1.
• See also: CamToCam1.

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