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OrthoRevolute4[cnum, axis1, axis2, dist] constrains axis1 to lie dist units away from axis2, and to be orthogonal to axis2. Further, the origin of axis1 is constrained to lie directly adjacent to the origin of axis2.
OrthoRevolute4 constrains four degrees of freedom.

OrthoRevolute4 models a pair of hinges with orthogonal axes and a specified offset distance separating the two axes.
OrthoRevolute4[cnum, axis1, axis2] assumes the separation distance to be zero.
• The first equation in OrthoRevolute4 constrains the origin of axis2 to be adjacent to axis1, the second equation constrains the origin of axis1 to be adjacent to axis2, the third constrains the separation distance to be dist units, the fourth constrains the two axes to be orthogonal.
• See also:
GenOrthoRevolute4, ParaRevolute4, Revolute5, SetConstraints, SysCon.

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