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Train with FindMinimumIntroduction

7.4 Troubleshooting

Sometimes, due to numerical problems, the training stops before reaching the minimum and without completing the iterations specified. Listed here are some measures you can take to possibly circumvent this situation.

FilledSmallCircle Re-initialize the network model and repeat the training.

FilledSmallCircle Try a different training algorithm by changing the option Method (See Section 7.1, NeuralFit.)

FilledSmallCircle Exclude (or include if it excluded) a linear part in the network by setting the option LinearPartRuleFalse. (See Section 5.1.1, InitializeFeedForwardNet, or Section 6.1.1, InitializeRBFNet.)

FilledSmallCircle Decrease/increase the number of neurons in the network model.

FilledSmallCircle Check that the data is reasonably scaled so that unnecessary numeric problems are avoided.

Train with FindMinimumIntroduction

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