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Assumptions   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
Assumptions is an option for functions such as Simplify, Refine, and Integrate that specifies default assumptions to be made about symbolic quantities.
$Assumptions   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$Assumptions is the default setting for the Assumptions option used in such functions as Simplify, Refine, and Integrate.
Using Assumptions   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Mathematica normally makes as few assumptions as possible about the objects you ask it to manipulate. This means that the results it gives are as general as possible. But ...
Simplifying with Assumptions   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Simplifying with assumptions. Mathematica does not automatically simplify this, since it is only true for some values of x. Sqrt[x^2] is equal to x for x≥0, but not otherwise.
Assumptions and Domains   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica has a flexible system for specifying arbitrary symbolic assumptions about variables. It uses a wide range of sophisticated algorithms to infer the consequences of ...
Assuming   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
Assuming[assum, expr] evaluates expr with assum appended to $Assumptions, so that assum is included in the default assumptions used by functions such as Refine, Simplify, and ...
Refine   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
Refine[expr, assum] gives the form of expr that would be obtained if symbols in it were replaced by explicit numerical expressions satisfying the assumptions assum. ...
DistributionParameterAssumptions   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
DistributionParameterAssumptions[dist] gives a logical expression for assumptions on parameters in the symbolic distribution dist.
Element   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
Element[x, dom] or x \[Element] dom asserts that x is an element of the domain dom. Element[{x_1, x_2, ...}, dom] asserts that all the x_i are elements of dom. Element[patt, ...
ConditionalExpression   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
ConditionalExpression[expr, cond] is a symbolic construct that represents the expression expr when the condition cond is True.
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