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FiniteGroupData   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
FiniteGroupData[name, " property"] gives the value of the specified property for the finite group specified by name. FiniteGroupData["class"] gives a list of finite groups in ...
New in 9.0: Computable Data   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica 9 adds direct access to social media as well as new and updated mathematical computable data.
Mathematical Data   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica provides direct access to a large volume of mathematical data, specially organized and created for Mathematica. The data is available in a wide range of forms ...
Geometric Transforms   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica's symbolic architecture and sophisticated mathematical capabilities allow it to take a uniquely high-level approach to geometric transformations—supporting ...
New in 7.0: Computable Data   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica 7 delivers the latest fruits of Wolfram Research's major long-term Computable Data Initiative, providing immediate access to curated static and dynamic data in ...
FiniteGroupCount   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
FiniteGroupCount[n] gives the number of finite groups of order n.
Discrete Mathematics   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica has been used to make many important discoveries in discrete mathematics over the past two decades. Its integration of highly efficient and often original ...
FiniteAbelianGroupCount   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
FiniteAbelianGroupCount[n] gives the number of finite Abelian groups of order n.
Named Groups   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica provides access to information on infinite families of groups, as well as sporadic groups of relevance, like the famous 26 sporadic simple groups (27 if the Tits ...
LatticeData   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
LatticeData[lattice, " property"] gives the specified property for a lattice. LatticeData[n] gives a list of named lattices of dimension n.
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