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InputForm   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
InputForm[expr] prints as a version of expr suitable for input to Mathematica.
Cell > Convert To > InputForm   (Mathematica Menu Item)
InputForm converts the selection to Mathematica InputForm.
Cell > Convert To > Raw InputForm   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Raw InputForm converts the selection to Mathematica raw InputForm.
Cell > Convert To > InputForm Display   (Mathematica Menu Item)
InputForm Display displays the selection in Mathematica InputForm without interpreting it.
Redrawing and Combining Plots   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Mathematica saves information about every plot you produce, so that you can later redraw it. When you redraw plots, you can change some of the options you use. Functions for ...
Forms of Input and Output   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Here is one way to enter a particular expression. Here is another way to enter the same expression. With a notebook front end, you can also enter the expression directly in ...
Numerical Precision   (Mathematica Tutorial)
As discussed in "Exact and Approximate Results", Mathematica can handle approximate real numbers with any number of digits. In general, the precision of an approximate real ...
The Structure of Graphics   (Mathematica Tutorial)
"Graphics and Sound" discusses how to use functions like Plot and ListPlot to plot graphs of functions and data. This tutorial discusses how Mathematica represents such ...
Cell > Convert To   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Convert To opens a submenu for converting a cell to another form, format, or display form.
CommonDefaultFormatTypes   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
CommonDefaultFormatTypes -> {opt_1 -> val_1, opt_2 -> val_2, ...} is an option that specifies default formats for newly created cells.
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