gets a widget property value.

gets a widget property value, specifying the target widget.

gets an indexed widget property value, specifying the target widget.


  • To use , you first need to load GUIKit using Needs["GUIKit`"].
  • returns the value of the property name.
  • If the target argument is not present, the target is defaulted to the wrapping widget of the expression.
  • The target can either be specified as a string name of a widget reference or a component instance    such as a JavaObject.
  • Note that indices in the Wolfram Language and XML widget definitions are 1-based, while Java and direct calls to Java objects using J/Link follow the 0-based Java convention.
  • The following option can be given:
  • NameNonea name with which to register this returned value within the widget registry

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

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Run an interface definition:

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Get the value of the property of the widget reference:

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