gets a single element of an MTensor of complex type.


  • Used in C/C++ code in a library function called from Mathematica.
  • Uses the same numbering scheme as Mathematica parts, i.e. the first element is 1.
  • The array is assumed to have length at least equal to the rank of .
  • A nonzero error code value will be returned if the element does not exist, if is not an MTensor of complex type.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

This gets the element at position 1,1 for a complex-valued matrix:

MTensor T0;
mint lens[2];
mcomplex res;
int err;
lens[0] = 1;
lens[1] = 1;
err = libData->MTensor_getComplex( T0, lens, &res);