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Expr.CreateFromLink Method 

Creates an Expr by reading it off a link.

[Visual Basic]
Public Shared Function CreateFromLink( _
   ByVal ml As IMathLink _
) As Expr
public static Expr CreateFromLink(
   IMathLink ml


The link from which the Expr should be read.

Return Value

The created Expr


This factory method will only be used by advanced programmers who are creating their own classes that implement the IMathLink interface. You would call this method in your implementation of GetExpr. In other words, this method exists not as a means for casual users to create Exprs from a link (use the GetExpr method instead), but so that IMathLink implementors can write their own GetExpr methods without having to know anything about the internals of the Expr class. Exprs know how to read themselves off a link.


Exception Type Condition
MathLinkException On any MathLink error.

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