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IKernelLink.EvaluateToTypeset Method

Sends code for evaluation and returns the result formatted in typeset form as an Image object.

Overload List

Sends the code to evaluate as a string.

Image EvaluateToTypeset(string,int);

Sends the code to evaluate as an Expr.

Image EvaluateToTypeset(Expr,int);


This method sends the evaluation and waits for the result to come back as an Image. It discards any packets other than the result (for example, Mathematica messages or Print output).

It does not throw a MathLinkException. Instead it returns null if there was an error. You can use the LastError property to see the MathLinkException that was generated.

You can use the TypesetStandardForm property to control whether the result is formatted in Mathematica StandardForm (the default) or TraditionalForm.

The image will have linebreaks to keep it within the specified width, measured in pixels.

You can use the GraphicsFormat property to control the format in which the Image is returned. If GraphicsFormat is set to "Metafile", however, then the default format of GIF is used instead, as Metafile results in poor quality typeset output.

The notebook front end will always be used for rendering services. See the UseFrontEnd property for more information about this process.

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