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IKernelLink.Message Method 

Prints the specified message in the user's Mathematica session.

[Visual Basic]
Sub Message( _
   ByVal symtag As String, _
   ParamArray args As String() _
void Message(
   string symtag,
   params string[] args


The message designation, in the usual Symbol::tag style, like Mathematica's Message function.
The arguments to the Message.


This method is usable only in .NET code that is invoked in a call from Mathematica, as described in Part 1 of the .NET/Link User Guide. In other words, it is only used in code that is called from a Mathematica session via the "installable .NET" mechanism. Programmers who are launching the kernel and controlling it from a .NET program will have no use for this method.

The IKernelLink object on which this method will be called will probably be obtained via the StdLink.Link property.

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