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IKernelLink.UseFrontEnd Property

Gets or sets whether the Mathematica notebook front end should be used in the background to assist in rendering graphics.

[Visual Basic]
Property UseFrontEnd As Boolean
bool UseFrontEnd {get; set;}


This property is deprecated when using Mathematica 5.1 and later--the front end is always used for rendering.

The front end does a better job for many types of graphics than the standalone renderers that can be used instead, especially for 3D graphics with gradations of color. It is also necessary to use the front end to get typeset expressions in text in graphics, such as plot labels.

With this property set to true, the front end will typically launch in a special "server" mode the first time a graphic is created. This server instance of the front end has no user interface. It cannot be brought to the foreground and used like a normal instance.

The default value is true.

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