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MathLinkFactory.CreateLoopbackLink Method 

Creates an ILoopbackLink, a special type of link that is written to and read by the same program.

[Visual Basic]
Public Shared Function CreateLoopbackLink() As ILoopbackLink
public static ILoopbackLink CreateLoopbackLink();


Loopback links are links that have both ends connected to the same program, much like a FIFO queue. Loopback links are useful as temporary holders of expressions that are being moved between links, or as scratchpads on which expressions can be built up and then transferred to other links in a single call.

Much of the utility of loopback links to users of the C-language MathLink API is obviated by .NET/Link's Expr class, which provides many of the same features in a more accessible way (Expr uses loopback links in its implementation).

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