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MathPictureBox.PictureType Property

Sets the type of picture that the box should display.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property PictureType As String
public string PictureType {get; set;}


The legal values are "Automatic", "GIF", "JPEG", "Metafile", "StandardForm", and "TraditionalForm". The values "Automatic", "GIF", "JPEG", and "Metafile" specify a graphics format. If you use one of these, then the MathCommand property should be something that evaluates to a Graphics expression (or Graphics3D, SurfaceGraphics, etc.) It must evaluate to a Graphics expression, not merely produce a plot as a side effect. A common error is to end the code with a semicolon, which causes the expression to evaluate to Null, not the intended Graphics:

// BAD
myMathPictureBox.MathCommand = "Plot[x, {x,0,1}];";
myMathPictureBox.MathCommand = "Plot[x, {x,0,1}]";
The "Automatic" setting is the default, which assumes you are trying to display graphics, not typeset expressions, and it will automatically select the best graphics format. If you want the graphic to dynamically resize as the MathPictureBox is being resized, you should use the "Metafile" format.

The values "StandardForm" or "TraditionalForm" indicate that you want the result of the MathCommand to be typeset in that format and displayed. These settings are not used if you want a Mathematica plot or other graphic.

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