Plot Legends Package

As of Version 9, all the functionality of the PlotLegends package is built into the Wolfram System. >>



PlotLegend add a legend to a plot

Legend legend of styles in a plot

ShowLegend show a legend with a plot

ShadowBox box with a drop shadow

Legend Options

LegendBackground  ▪  LegendBorder  ▪  LegendBorderSpace  ▪  LegendLabelSpace  ▪  LegendOrientation  ▪  LegendPosition  ▪  LegendShadow  ▪  LegendSize  ▪  LegendSpacing  ▪  LegendTextDirection  ▪  LegendTextOffset  ▪  LegendTextSpace  ▪  ShadowBackground

ShadowBox Options

ShadowBackground  ▪  ShadowBorder  ▪  ShadowForeground  ▪  ShadowOffset