As of Version 7.0, some of the functionality of the Splines Package is now built into the Wolfram Language kernel.

represents a spline function created by the SplineFit function parametrizing a curve with the parameter in the specified domain. When given a parameter value as an argument it returns the corresponding point on the curve.


  • To use , you first need to load the Splines Package using .
  • The object generated with SplineFit[{pt1,pt2,},type] is parametrized such that a parameter value of 0 corresponds to , 1 corresponds to , etc.
  • Supported types are Cubic, Bezier and CompositeBezier.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

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Fit a Bézier spline to a set of four points:

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The endpoints of the correspond to the original points:

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