As of Version 8.0, QuantilePlot is part of the built-in Wolfram Language kernel.

creates a quantilequantile plot from the realvalued vectors and .


  • To use , you first need to load the Statistical Plots Package using Needs["StatisticalPlots`"].
  • plots empirical quantiles of the two vectors against each other.
  • sorts the shorter dataset, and then determines interpolated quantiles at the equivalent position in the longer list of data.
  • For datasets of equal length, yields the equivalent of plotting the sorted lists against each other.
  • has the same options as Graphics, with the following additions and changes:
  • AxesTruewhether to draw axes
    PlotMarkersAutomaticmarkers for points
    ReferenceLineStyleAutomaticstyle for the reference line
  • Valid settings for the option ReferenceLineStyle are None, Automatic, or a style or a list of styles.
  • The reference line has a slope of unity. If the points on the plot fall mostly on or near the reference line, the distributions are roughly the same.
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