Same functionality now provided by ExportString[boxes,{"MathML","Boxes"}].

converts the Wolfram Language box structure, boxes, into a MathML-flavored XML text string.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • To use BoxesToMathML, you first need to load the XML Package using Needs["XML`"].
  • The output is in presentation MathML wherever possible.
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Annotations"{}annotations to add to the output (acceptable values are combinations of "DocumentHeader", "XMLDeclaration", and "DOCTYPEDeclaration")
    "AttributeQuoting""'"character used to quote attribute values
    "CheckXML"Truewhether to check the output for errors
    "ElementFormatting"Automaticcontrols indenting in the output
    "Entities"Nonehow to represent special characters as named entities
    "Formats"{"PresentationMathML"}type of MathML markup to generate
    "IncludeMarkupAnnotations"Truewhether to add annotation when exporting a formula with constructs specific to the Wolfram Language and no clear counterpart in MathML
    "MathAttributes"{}attributes to add to the root element of the MathML
    "NamespacePrefixes"{}specifies namespace declaration and prefix
    "UseUnicodePlane1Characters"Truewhether to replace plane 1 Unicode characters with similar plane 0 characters