Same functionality now provided by ExportString[boxes,{"MathML","Boxes"}].

converts the Wolfram Language box structure, boxes, into a MathML-flavored XML text string.


  • To use , you first need to load the XML Package using Needs["XML`"].
  • The output is in presentation MathML wherever possible.
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Annotations"{}annotations to add to the output (acceptable values are combinations of , , and )
    "AttributeQuoting""'"character used to quote attribute values
    "CheckXML"Truewhether to check the output for errors
    "ElementFormatting"Automaticcontrols indenting in the output
    "Entities"Nonehow to represent special characters as named entities
    "Formats"{"PresentationMathML"}type of MathML markup to generate
    "IncludeMarkupAnnotations"Truewhether to add annotation when exporting a formula with constructs specific to the Wolfram Language and no clear counterpart in MathML
    "MathAttributes"{}attributes to add to the root element of the MathML
    "NamespacePrefixes"{}specifies namespace declaration and prefix
    "UseUnicodePlane1Characters"Truewhether to replace plane 1 Unicode characters with similar plane 0 characters
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