Geometric Transforms

The Wolfram Language's symbolic architecture and sophisticated mathematical capabilities allow it to take a uniquely high-level approach to geometric transformationssupporting complete geometric, matrix, and functional representations in any number of dimensions, whether for mechanical systems, computer graphics, or pure mathematics.


Geometric Object Transformations

Rotate  ▪  Translate  ▪  Scale

GeometricTransformation apply any transformation function to geometric objects

Transformation Matrices

RotationMatrix rotations in any number of dimensions

ScalingMatrix stretch or shrink along any direction

ShearingMatrix  ▪  ReflectionMatrix  ▪  IdentityMatrix

TransformationMatrix the matrix representation of a transformation function

Symbolic Transformation Functions

RotationTransform  ▪  TranslationTransform  ▪  ScalingTransform

ShearingTransform  ▪  ReflectionTransform  ▪  RescalingTransform

AffineTransform  ▪  LinearFractionalTransform

TransformationFunction general symbolic representation of transformations

Composition symbolic composition of transformation functions

InverseFunction inverse of transformation functions

Algebraic Structure

FiniteGroupData properties of finite groups

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