New in 7.0: Visualization & Graphics

Building on Mathematica's unique base of visualization and graphics capabilities, Mathematica 7 adds several important new areas. Emphasizing integration and automation, Mathematica 7 introduces built-in vector visualization, automated dynamic charting, and fully general splines and NURBS.


New Vector Visualization Functions »

StreamPlot make a stream plot from a vector field function

VectorPlot plot vectors from a vector field function

StreamDensityPlot superimpose plots of vector and scalar field functions

ListVectorPlot  ▪  VectorPlot3D  ▪  LineIntegralConvolutionPlot

New Visualization Functions

DiscretePlot plot discrete sequences specified by formulas

DateListLogPlot  ▪  ListCurvePathPlot  ▪  FindCurvePath

New Charting Functions »

BarChart  ▪  PieChart  ▪  BubbleChart  ▪  RectangleChart  ▪  Histogram  ▪  ...

BarChart3D  ▪  PieChart3D  ▪  BubbleChart3D  ▪  Histogram3D  ▪  ...

Palettes Chart Element Schemes extensive styling options for charts

New Graphics Objects »

Cone  ▪  Tube  ▪  BSplineCurve  ▪  BSplineSurface  ▪  BezierCurve  ▪  ...

New Graphics Styling Features

CapForm  ▪  JoinForm  ▪  RoundingRadius  ▪  ...

Fully General Splines »

BezierCurve 2D or 3D composite Bézier curves of any degree

BSplineCurve 2D or 3D B-spline (NURBS) curves of any degree

BSplineSurface B-spline (NURBS) surfaces of any degree

SplineDegree  ▪  SplineKnots  ▪  SplineWeights  ▪  SplineClosed  ▪  ...

New Sonification Functions

Speak  ▪  SpokenString  ▪  ...

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