Scheduled Task Control

The Wolfram Language's scheduled tasks provide a way to set evaluation of arbitrary expressions in the future. Tasks can be scheduled for one-time evaluation or for repeated evaluation at regular intervals. Scheduled tasks can be used either in a single Wolfram Language session or persistently through the cloud.

RunScheduledTask schedule and run a local task to perform timed evaluations

CreateScheduledTask create a task to perform timed evaluations

StartScheduledTask start a previously created task

StopScheduledTask stop a running task

EvaluateScheduledTask immediately run a scheduled task, independent of its schedule

NextScheduledTaskTime get the time when a scheduled task will next run

RemoveScheduledTask remove a previously created task

ResetScheduledTask reset task parameters to the original or given setting

ScheduledTaskActiveQ test whether a scheduled task is active

AbortScheduledTask abort a running instance of a task

ScheduledTask define a task for scheduled cloud evaluation

ScheduledTasks give a list of created tasks

ScheduledTaskObject  ▪  $ScheduledTask

ScheduledTaskInformation retrieve properties of a task

DocumentGenerator specify a document generator to be deployed to the cloud

DocumentGenerators give a list of document generators

DocumentGeneratorInformation retrieve properties of a document generator

TimeConstrained  ▪  AbsoluteTiming  ▪  Timing  ▪  Pause  ▪  Refresh  ▪  Clock

SessionTime  ▪  AbsoluteTime  ▪  TimeUsed  ▪  $TimeUnit

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