This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.

is a global option that specifies settings for the Edit Cell Tags dialog box.


  • The typical usage is EditCellTagsSettings->{opt1->val1,opt2->val2,}.
  • The following options may be specified:
  • "CellTags"{}specifies strings to place in the Cell Tag field of the Edit Cell Tags dialog box
    "WindowMargins"Automaticspecifies the size of margins around the Edit Cell Tags dialog box
  • With the default setting , the Cell Tag field in the dialog box is empty when it is opened.
  • The Edit Cell Tags dialog box is accessed by choosing Cell Cell Tags Add/Remove Cell Tags.
  • Cell tags identify specific cells for operations such as searching, indexing, or setting up hyperlinks. Each cell tag is a string.
  • If you assign a string to this option, that string automatically appears in the Cell tag: field of the dialog box each time the box is opened. This saves you the labor of typing in the string repeatedly.
Introduced in 1999
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