给出方阵 m 的特征值构成的列表.

给出矩阵 m 的关于 a 的广义特征值.

给出矩阵 m 的前 k 个特征值.

给出前 k 个广义特征值.


  • 如果 m 包含近似实、复数,Eigenvalues 求出数值特征值.
  • 特征值按重数重复出现.
  • 一个 矩阵给出恰好 个特征值,可以重复,而不必是不同的数值.
  • 特征值依绝对值递减排列.
  • 矩阵 m 的特征值为满足 (其中 为某些非零特征向量).
  • 关于 a 的矩阵 m 的广义特征值是满足 .
  • 矩阵 ma 维共享空间,则 的值为 Indeterminate.
  • 普通特征值一般为有限值,广义特征值可以为无限值.
  • 对于数值特征值,Eigenvalues[m,k] 给出绝对值最大的 k.
  • Eigenvalues[m,-k] 给出绝对值最小的 k.
  • Eigenvalues[m,spec] 等同于 Take[Eigenvalues[m],spec].
  • Eigenvalues 中可使用 SparseArray 对象.
  • Eigenvectors has the following options and settings:
  • CubicsFalsewhether to use radicals to solve cubics
    MethodAutomaticmethod to use
    QuarticsFalsewhether to use radicals to solve quartics
  • Explicit Method settings for approximate numeric matrices include:
  • "Arnoldi"Arnoldi iterative method for finding a few eigenvalues
    "Banded"direct banded matrix solver
    "Direct"direct method for finding all eigenvalues
    "FEAST"FEAST iterative method for finding eigenvalues in an interval (applies to Hermitian matrices only)
  • The method is also known as a Lanczos method when applied to symmetric or Hermitian matrices.
  • The and methods take suboptions Method->{"name",opt1->val1,}, which can be found in the Method subsection.
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