This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is a global option that specifies settings for the legacy Help Browser.


  • The typical usage is HelpBrowserSettings->{opt1->val1,opt2->val2,}.
  • The following options may be specified:
  • "ShowCategories"Truespecifies whether browser categories are displayed in the legacy Help Browser window
    "WindowMargins"Automaticspecifies the size of margins around the legacy Help Browser window
    "WindowSize"{1000, 584}specifies the size of the window used to display the legacy Help Browser window
  • With the default setting "ShowCategories"->True, the browser window contains a set of columns that display the categories of help information available.
  • With the setting "ShowCategories"->False, the columns containing the browser categories are no longer visible, thus increasing the amount of text that can be displayed within the legacy Help Browser.
  • "WindowSize"->{w,h} gives the width and height of the window in printer's points.
  • Setting either the width or height to Automatic causes the size of the window to be determined from the setting for "WindowMargins" and the size of your screen.
  • The setting for "WindowSize" changes whenever you resize the window interactively.
  • "WindowMargins"->{{left,right},{bottom,top}} determines the distances from each edge of your screen to each edge of the window.
  • The values of left, right, bottom, and top are given in points, where 72 points equal one inch.
  • Negative values of left, right, bottom, and top represent edges that are off the screen.
  • Typically only two distances are given explicitly; the others are set to Automatic, indicating that they should be determined from the size of the window.
  • The settings for "WindowMargins" change automatically whenever you move a window around interactively on the screen.
  • The window edges closer to the edges of the screen are typically assigned explicit margin distances; the other edges are set to Automatic. This allows the same setting for "WindowMargins" to work on screens of different sizes.

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Introduced in 1999