is an object that formats as .


  • Input of the form x_(y)^(z) in a notebook is interpreted as Power[Subscript[x,y],z], not as Subsuperscript[x,y,z].
  • To enter a subsuperscript in a notebook, use either Ctrl+_ to begin a regular subscript or Ctrl+^ to begin a regular superscript. After typing the first script, use Ctrl+% to move to the opposite script position. Ctrl+Space moves out of the subscript or superscript position.
  • Subsuperscript[x,y,z] formats as in StandardForm and TraditionalForm.
  • In InputForm, Subsuperscript[x,y,z] formats literally as Subsuperscript[x,y,z].
  • The baseline of Subsuperscript[x,y,z] is taken to be the baseline of x.
  • Subsuperscript[x,y,z] is usually output with y and z in a smaller font than x.
Introduced in 1996