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ContentsUsing the Package for the First Time

1. Getting Started

Control System Professional—Advanced Numerical Methods is a collection of Mathematica programs that expands the scope of Control System Professional by adding new numerical methods for a wide class of control problems as well as for a number of linear algebra problems that have an extensive range of applications in control theory. Typically, Advanced Numerical Methods provides several numerical methods to solve each problem enabling the user to choose the most appropriate tool for a particular task based on computational efficiency and accuracy. While oriented to professional users, Advanced Numerical Methods is an indispensable tool for students, researchers, and educators alike.

Advanced Numerical Methods is seamlessly incorporated in the Control System Professional framework using the same data structures and, where possible, the same function names.

Advanced Numerical Methods builds upon Control System Professional.

Similarly to the Control System Professional guide, this guide places the new methods and functions into relevant control theory contexts and provides many illustrations and solutions of control problems using the new tools. Still, the Advanced Numerical Methods guide is not a substitute for the standard texts and original articles listed in the References. Nor is it an introduction to Mathematica or Control System Professional. To maximize the benefit from this application package, the reader is advised to consult the standard Mathematica reference by Stephen Wolfram, The Mathematica Book, 4th edition (Wolfram Media/Cambridge University Press, 1999) and Control System Professional, 2nd edition (Wolfram Research, 2001).

ContentsUsing the Package for the First Time