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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Bullet1.1 Loading and Setup

Bullet1.2 Installation and Notebooks

Bullet1.3 Palettes and Buttons

2. Basic Functions

Bullet2.1 The Ephemeris and Appearance Functions

Bullet2.2 The PlanetChart and EclipticChart Functions

Bullet2.3 The Planisphere Function

Bullet2.4 The SunRise and NewMoon Functions

Bullet2.5 The BestView and InterestingObjects Functions

3. Coordinate Functions

Bullet3.1 The EquatorCoordinates Function

Bullet3.2 The HorizonCoordinates Function

Bullet3.3 The Coordinates Function

Bullet3.4 The JupiterCoordinates Function

4. Star Charting Functions

Bullet4.1 The StarChart Function

Bullet4.2 The RadialStarChart Function

Bullet4.3 The CompassStarChart Function

Bullet4.4 The ZenithStarChart Function

Bullet4.5 The StarNames Function

Bullet4.6 The OrbitTrack and OrbitMark Functions

Bullet4.7 The ChartCoordinates and ChartPosition Functions

5. Planet Plotting Functions

Bullet5.1 The PlanetPlot Function

Bullet5.2 The PlanetPlot3D Function

Bullet5.3 The RiseSetChart Function

Bullet5.4 The VenusChart Function

Bullet5.5 The OuterPlanetChart Function

Bullet5.6 The PtolemyChart Function

Bullet5.7 The SolarSystemPlot Function

Bullet5.8 The JupiterSystemPlot Function

Bullet5.9 The JupiterMoonChart Function

6. Eclipse Predicting Functions

Bullet6.1 The EclipseTrackPlot Function

Bullet6.2 The MoonShadow and SolarEclipse Functions

Bullet6.3 The EclipseBegin and EclipseEnd Functions

Bullet6.4 The EclipseQ Function

Bullet6.5 The Conjunction and ConjunctionEvents Functions

7. Satellite Tracking Functions

Bullet7.1 The SetOrbitalElements Function

Bullet7.2 The GetLocation Function

Bullet7.3 The OrbitTrackPlot Function

Bullet7.4 The OrbitPlot and OrbitPlot3D Functions

8. Miscellaneous Functions

Bullet8.1 The Separation and PositionAngle Functions

Bullet8.2 The FindNearestObject Function

Bullet8.3 The SiderealTime and HourAngle Functions

Bullet8.4 The Lunation and LunationNumber Functions

Bullet8.5 The NGC and IC Functions

9. Additional Information

Bullet9.1 Ephemeris Accuracy

Bullet9.2 Using PlanetChart

Bullet9.3 Using StarChart

Bullet9.4 Using RadialStarChart

Bullet9.5 Planetographic Coordinates

A. Special Events

BulletA.1 Meteor Showers

BulletA.2 Sunspots

BulletA.3 Solar Eclipses

BulletA.4 Lunar Eclipses

BulletA.5 Transits of Mercury

BulletA.6 Transits of Venus

BulletA.7 Saturn's Rings Edge On

BulletA.8 Uranus' Poles Side On

BulletA.9 Mercury Apparitions

BulletA.10 Venus Apparitions

BulletA.11 Mars Opposition

BulletA.12 Jupiter Opposition

BulletA.13 Saturn Opposition

BulletA.14 Lunar Occultations

BulletA.15 Eclipse Table

BulletA.16 Deep Sky Data

BulletA.17 Brightest Stars

BulletA.18 Double Stars

BulletA.19 Variable Stars

BulletA.20 Planetary Data

BulletA.21 Visible Earth Satellites

BulletA.22 Deep Sky Objects

RegistrationMiniature Samples