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Copyright InformationIncompatible Changes between Version 1 and Version 2

New in Version 2

Version 2 of Control System Professional carries numerous internal changes that simplify the addition of new packages to the Control System Professional Suite while maintaining the integrity of a single Mathematica application. Version 2 also includes several new algorithmic and interface features. Except as noted in the next section, the new version is fully compatible with Version 1.

Intuitive, traditional typesetting of control objects in the StateSpace and TransferFunction forms; editable control objects; easy switching between automatic display of the results in the traditional and standard forms.

Support for constructing StateSpace realizations from TransferFunction objects in different target forms.

Support for different methods of reducing StateSpace objects to TransferFunction objects.

Support for analog simulations in StateResponse, OutputResponse, and SimulationPlot.

Faster discrete-time domain simulations.

Simplified syntax for polling inputs of multi-input systems with the same input signal in time-domain simulation functions.

Support for interconnections of multi-input, multi-output TransferFunction systems with SeriesConnect, ParallelConnect, and FeedbackConnect.

Support for recovering the transformation matrix used to construct realizations of special forms (such as KalmanControllableForm or InternallyBalancedForm).

Faster ordered Schur decomposition.

Performance optimization through internal caching. Developers can use the same mechanism to provide advanced services to their users.

Fully indexed online documentation.

Copyright InformationIncompatible Changes between Version 1 and Version 2