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New in Version 2Contents

Incompatible Changes between Version 1 and Version 2

38 new functions, options and symbols have been added, some of whose names may conflict with names already being used.

ReviewForm has been superseded by the built-in Mathematica function TraditionalForm.

MinimalRealization[transferfunction] no longer provides an interface to PoleZeroCancel and uniformly returns the StateSpace object.

The option InternallyBalanced of the function DominantSubsystem is now obsolete. DominantSubsystem can automatically determine if the input system is an output of the function InternallyBalancedForm.

The syntax StateFeedbackGains[a, b, poles] is no longer supported; the first argument to StateFeedbackGains must be the StateSpace object. Example: StateFeedbackGains[StateSpace[a, b], poles].

The option Iterations of the function StateFeedbackGains has been superseded by the built-in Mathematica option MaxIterations.

Symbol J, a default generic name for a summation index in a symbolic sum returned by StateResponse and related functions, has been superseded by the built-in Mathematica symbol K.

By default, the random orthogonal complements are no longer selected using the randomized algorithm. To revert to the behavior in the previous version, you can set $RandomOrthogonalComplement = True.

New in Version 2Contents