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ContentsUsing the Application for the First Time

1. Getting Started

Control System Professional is a collection of Mathematica programs that extend Mathematica to solve a wide range of control system problems. Both classical and modern approaches are supported for continuous-time (analog) and discrete-time (sampled) systems. This guide describes in detail the new data types introduced in Control System Professional and the new functions that operate on these data types. Also given are a number of examples of how to use the Control System Professional functions together with the rest of Mathematica. It is beyond the scope of this guide to address those innumerable control problems that could be solved simply with step-by-step application of the usual Mathematica functionality. Nor can the guide be considered an introduction to control systems theory. Although an attempt was made to put the new functions into the relevant control theory context, the guide is by no means a substitute for standard texts such as the ones listed in the References.

The many illustrations, solved examples, and other included features should make it possible for the interested reader to tackle most of the problems just after reading the corresponding parts of this guide. However, the guide is definitely not an introduction to Mathematica itself. To gain the most from this application package, the reader is advised to consult the standard Mathematica reference by Stephen Wolfram, The Mathematica Book, 4th Edition (Wolfram Media/Cambridge University Press, 1999).

ContentsUsing the Application for the First Time