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OverviewThe Structure of the Application

1.1 Using the Application for the First Time

Control System Professional is one of many available Mathematica applications and is normally installed in a separate directory, ControlSystems, in parallel to other applications. If this has been done at the installation stage, the application package should be visible to Mathematica without further effort on your part. Then, to make all the functionality of the application package available at once, you simply load the Kernel/init.m package with the Get or Needs command.

This makes Control System Professional available.


If the previous command causes an error message, it is probably due to a nonstandard location of the application on your system, and you will have to check that the directory enclosing the ControlSystems directory is included in your $Path variable. Commands such as

AppendTo[$Path, theDirectoryControlSystemsIsIn]

can be used to inform Mathematica of how to find the application. You may want to add this command to your init.m file to have it executed automatically at the outset of any of your Mathematica sessions. The installation card that came with Control System Professional contains the detailed instructions on the installation procedure.

OverviewThe Structure of the Application