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Connecting in SeriesClosing Feedback Loop

6.1.2 Connecting in Parallel

The parallel interconnection of subsystems according to Figure 6.3 can be accomplished with the function ParallelConnect. The subsystems may or may not have some shared inputs and some summed outputs. The aggregate has these shared inputs and summed outputs as well as other inputs and outputs of the components. The states of the aggregate come from both subsystems. As with all elementary interconnection functions, the systems may be in either state-space or transfer function form, or both.

Figure 6.3. Parallel interconnection.

Parallel connection of two systems.

These are two state-space systems defined earlier.





This connects correspondingly numbered inputs of the subsystems and adds the first output of ss2 to both outputs of ss1.



This takes two systems represented by the same transfer function tf and connects all inputs and sums all outputs in the criss-cross order.





ParallelConnect can be used to sum the outputs or just to connect the inputs without summing the outputs. Examples of such usage are given in Section 10.7.

Connecting in SeriesClosing Feedback Loop