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Image Modification by Area Operations

5.1 Introduction

Section 5.2 presents convolution and correlation, the fundamental linear operators of signal and system theory. These all-important operators are a particular form of Equation (5.1.1). The basic 1D and 2D formulations of convolution and correlation are reviewed, and their various relevant forms are discussed. Section 5.3 continues with examples of the use of some predefined linear filters found in the package. Subsequent sections are devoted to special functions that are particular implementations of the transformation in Equation (5.1.1). These are BlockProcessing in Section 5.4 and RegionProcessing in Section 5.6. In Section 5.5, a number of nonlinear noise reducing operators are defined. The chapter concludes with Section 5.7 describing two list plotting functions that display sampled signals in a format common in the signal processing literature.