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Parallel Computing Toolkit

Guide to Examples

About the Examples

The examples show applications of Parallel Computing Toolkit. They do not contain the commands necessary to load the toolkit or to start remote kernels. These steps are always necessary if you want to work with the examples yourself.
Each notebook starts with an Introduction section that contains a command that gives you a listing of all currently available remote kernels. It should produce one line of output for each remote kernel. You can work with an example only if you have at least two kernels available.

Examples Directory

These notebooks can be found in the Examples subdirectory of Parallel Computing Toolkit.
  • Interval Minimum presents a distributed global minimization using interval arithmetic.
  • Diameter of a Point Set gives a parallel solution to a classic programming problem. This example is of a tutorial nature.
  • Parallel Try shows how to set up nondeterministic computations.
  • The Cascade explains how to evaluate associative expressions using a binary tree.