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The commands in this section are fundamental to parallel programming in Mathematica.
evaluates the elements ei in parallel and returns h[ r1, r2, ...], where ri is the result of evaluating ei
ParallelMap[ f, h[ e1, e2, ...]]evaluates h[ f[e1], f[e2] ,...] in parallel.
builds Table[expr,{i,i0,i1,di},{j,j0,j1,dj},...] in parallel; parallelization occurs along the first (outermost) iterator {i, i0, i1,di }
ParallelSum[...], ParallelProduct[...]
computes sums and products in parallel

Parallel evaluation, mapping, and tables.

ParallelEvaluate has attribute HoldFirst, so that its argument is not evaluated on the local kernel. After receiving the results, ri, the expression h[r1,r2,...] is further evaluated normally on the local kernel. The symbol List is often used as the head h.
is a parallel version of
evaluating the individual f[ei]in parallel rather than sequentially.
ParallelEvaluate and related commands use all available remote kernels on the list $Slaves.