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Table of Contents

About Parallel Computing Toolkit

Preface Copyright New in Version 2.1

1. Introduction

Parallel Computation with Mathematica Requirements Overview of Remote Execution Simple Parallel Computations Cleaning Up

2. Starting Remote Kernels

MathLink Communication Modes Remote Execution Options Passive Connections Configuring the Parallel Computing Toolkit Housekeeping Resetting and Terminating Remote Kernels

3. Parallel Evaluation

Sending Commands to Remote Kernels Parallel Evaluation, Mapping, and Tables

4. Concurrency: Managing Parallel Processes

Processes and Processors Starting and Waiting for Processes Automatic Parallelization Latency Hiding Examples

5. Remote Definitions

Introduction Exporting Definitions Examples Exporting Contexts

6. Virtual Shared Memory

Shared Memory versus Distributed Memory Declaring Shared Variables Synchronization

7. Failure Recovery, Tracing, and Debugging

Failure of Remote Kernels Tracing Aborting Concurrent Programs

A. Parallel Computing Toolkit Examples

Guide to Examples

Perfomance&Tuning Interval Minimum Point Set Diameter Stereograms Advanced Shared Memory Parallel Try Large Calculations The Cascade

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