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A2.4 Rotations Using YawPitchRoll (z, x, y) Notation

To run the examples in this section, run the initialization cells in Section A2.1 to create the Axes graphics. The YawPitchRoll option can be used easily to describe rotations in the x, y, or z directions. The yaw corresponds to the heading and is a rotation about the z axis. The pitch represents elevation and is a rotation about the object's x axis. Roll is a rotation along the object's y axis. The yaw angle is actually a negative (clockwise) rotation about the z axis to ensure that a positive yaw gives a positive rotation from north (y) to east (x).

The YawPitchRoll notation can be useful with objects that have an axis of symmetry along the y direction. See the Airplane Example notebook for further examples of using YawPitchRoll.

Yaw example: Rotate the object about the z or blue axis (in a clockwise direction).


Pitch example: Rotate the object about the x or red axis.


Roll example: Rotate the object about the y or green axis.


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