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Appendix 3:


This appendix is a simple list of solutions and suggestions for problems you may encounter.

A3.1 Dynamic Visualizer Fails to Start, Launch, or Connect

There is not enough memory to launch the application. Check the available free memory. On Macintosh systems, Dynamic Visualizer cannot start if the free memory size is less than the minimum memory partition set for Dynamic Visualizer. Open the Finder About box to see the current memory usage. If the amount of free memory is too small, either turn on or increase the virtual memory settings (under Control Panels, Memory); alternatively, close down one or more running applications. On Windows systems, there is no minimum memory partition size and if Dynamic Visualizer has failed to start, you need either to increase the virtual memory settings on your system (under Control Panels, 386Enhanced) or to close other running programs.

The program is already running (Macintosh only). Check that Dynamic Visualizer has not been started manually. If it has, either quit Dynamic Visualizer (using QuitVisualizer) and relaunch using LaunchVisualizer or establish a link to Dynamic Visualizer using ConnectVisualizer. Currently Dynamic Visualizer cannot establish a second MathLink connection.

MathLink could not find the program. In order for MathLink to find and launch Dynamic Visualizer successfully, Dynamic Visualizer should have been placed in the Dynamic Visualizer directory. Check that the package has not been deleted or removed. Make sure that the Dynamic Visualizer directory is a subdirectory of those listed by $Path.

MathLinkLib has not been installed in the System:Extensions folder (Power Macintosh only). Move a copy of MathLinkLib to the extension folder and restart your system.

QuickTime has not been installed in the System:Extensions folder (Macintosh only). Check that QuickTime is present in your extensions folder. The latest version can be downloaded from

The pipes need resetting. It is possible that the connection protocols are broken. The only solution is to restart your system.

You cannot launch applications via TCP. In the case of Macintosh systems, use ConnectVisualizer to establish the TCP connection to a copy of Dynamic Visualizer that is already running.

Dynamic Visualizer is not installed correctly. Dynamic Visualizer should have been installed in your Mathematica packages directory. During installation, one or more files may have been damaged, try reinstalling Dynamic Visualizer.

General Connection Notes

Check the status box in Dynamic Visualizer. This dialog box shows the current status of the link between Mathematica and Dynamic Visualizer. Note that the information refers to the state of the link as Dynamic Visualizer sees it. Use Links[ ] in Mathematica to determine Mathematica's MathLink connections.