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A3.13 Objects or Textures Do Not Load from Disk

The file you have tried to load is incompatible with Dynamic Visualizer. Model files are ASCII meshes. This is a proprietary format (see the enclosed ASCII mesh documentation for further details). Dynamic Visualizer textures are either SUN Raster Image format files, extension .ras; or Windows bitmap files, extension .bmp. Trying to load textures in the File menu or trying to load meshes under the Texture RightTriangleOpen menu results in an error. Please note that 3-Script files are not supported under Dynamic Visualizer.

Dynamic Visualizer has run out of memory. This is possible if Dynamic Visualizer is trying to load a large model or if many objects have been created or destroyed (in which case the memory may have become badly fragmented). For the latter, restart Dynamic Visualizer. On Macintosh systems, the amount of memory that Dynamic Visualizer is using can be monitored using the About Visualizer command in the Apple menu. If it is apparent that Dynamic Visualizer has reached its maximum memory allocation, increase the partition size and restart Dynamic Visualizer. Under Windows systems, close one or more running applications and restart Dynamic Visualizer.