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A3.14 Graphics Cannot Be Created

The graphics were created completely transparent, without any light, or with zero-thickness lines. Using the Mathematica Graphics... command under the Edit menu, check the Graphic3D properties.

The Dynamic Visualizer package has not been set up correctly. Please refer to the installation and configuration instructions.

You have not sent three-dimensional graphics data to Dynamic Visualizer. Dynamic Visualizer understands only three-dimensional graphics and related control commands. Sending two-dimensional objects to Dynamic Visualizer produces a series of error messages as Dynamic Visualizer tries unsuccessfully to interpret the data.

Sending a list of three-dimensional graphics to Dynamic Visualizer produces an error. A list of three-dimensional graphics objects is interpreted as an animation sequence, and cannot be displayed. Instead, use the following command to combine multiple graphics objects into a single graphic object:


Alternatively, map Visualize over the graphics list to create a set of independent objects.