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A3.8 Nothing Is Visible

The camera is no longer looking at the model. Rotate the camera to find the model.

SetOptions[Camera[{VisualizerUniverse,"Camera"}], TransformationMatrixRuleAutomatic];
SetOptions[Model3D[{VisualizerUniverse,"Default`"}], BoundingBoxRuleTrue, TransformationMatrixRuleAutomatic];

The camera icon and model bounding box have both been turned off. Use the Dynamic Visualizer View menu to turn the camera and bounding box on; alternatively, type the following in Mathematica:

SetOptions[Camera[{VisualizerUniverse,"Camera"}], Visible->On];

SetOptions[Model3D[{VisualizerUniverse,"Default`"}], BoundingBox->On];

Choose Mathematica Graphics... in the Edit menu. Check that the graphics are not being created completely transparent, without any light, or with zero-thickness lines.