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A5.1 Connecting Manually

In the normal course of operation, it is not necessary to start Dynamic Visualizer manually. However, there are circumstances where more flexibility is desired, such as when connecting over a network and when the application needs to be started or connected to manually. This is accomplished using the StartVisualizer command along with its options.

Starting Dynamic Visualizer.

Calling up StartVisualizer with no options launches the Dynamic Visualizer application and creates a connection to Mathematica. If a Dynamic Visualizer application is already running, this operation produces an error message and does nothing.

Options to StartVisualizer, ConnectVisualizer, and LaunchVisualizer.

applicable only to StartVisualizer.

To create a connection, first tell the application to listen for a message from Mathematica. Choose Kernel... from the Edit menu in Dynamic Visualizer. From here, it is possible to control the MathLink connection used to communicate with Mathematica's kernel. The most basic command line, -MathLink -LinkMode Listen, opens a local connection to which the kernel can connect.

Manually setting the MathLink command line.

On a Macintosh system, you must restart Dynamic Visualizer for these changes to take effect. It is not possible to open and close MathLink connections while Dynamic Visualizer is running. Under Windows, the link is created immediately with an arbitrary name.

Dynamic Visualizer confirming that a MathLink has been created.

If this fails, check the connection parameters.

To connect from Mathematica, you use the StartVisualizer command to make use of the LinkMode and ConnectionName options.




Dynamic Visualizer's information box should now display Connected to show that the link has been established successfully.

In general, the kernel should connect to a port that Dynamic Visualizer is already listening on. The allowed MathLink parameters for Dynamic Visualizer are listed in the following box. These are similar to the equivalent options for StartVisualizer.

Options to MathLink.

For more information, refer to your Mathematica 3.0 MathLink documentation.