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3.1 Basic Object Types

Objects, models, and cameras in Dynamic Visualizer are represented in Mathematica by the symbolic forms Object3D, Model3D, and Camera. In addition, the global frame of reference is described using the symbol VisualizerUniverse.

Basic Dynamic Visualizer objects.

The symbolic form, Object3D refers to the three-dimensional graphics supplied by Mathematica, plus additional information, such as color and surface properties, used by Dynamic Visualizer to display the object.

The coordinate systems are described as models. Each model contains graphic objects. Models are manipulated from Mathematica using the symbolic form, Model3D. A model contains a list of zero, one, or more graphics. When Dynamic Visualizer is started, a default model is created. Additional models may be created by the user. The bounding box of a model is represented by a yellow wireframe unit cube.

The complete collection of all models, objects, and the camera exist inside the Visualizer Universe. Subject to memory constraints, Dynamic Visualizer can hold and display an unlimited number of models and objects.

The camera is used to display the Visualizer Universe from the user's viewpoint. When visible, the camera is represented by a small blue object; the user is positioned slightly above and behind the actual position of the camera. Only one camera object is currently supported.