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Table of Contents

1. About Dynamic Visualizer

Introduction BulletSupport

2. Getting Started

Starting Dynamic Visualizer Bullet Displaying Graphics Bullet Surface Properties

BulletMoving and Deleting Three-Dimensional Objects BulletClearing Dynamic Visualizer BulletQuitting Dynamic Visualizer

3. Dynamic Visualizer Objects

Basic Object Types BulletIntroducing Objects BulletNaming Objects BulletIntroducing Models BulletCreating Models BulletSummary

4. Manipulating Objects

Introduction BulletObject Properties BulletInert Form of SetOptions BulletSummary

5. Information Functions

Introduction BulletThe Default Model BulletObject Lists BulletObject Properties

BulletPackage Properties BulletSummary

6. Creating Animations

Creating Many Objects BulletCreating Animations BulletCombining Animations

BulletExporting Animations to Disk BulletSummary

A1. Function List

Function List

A2. Orientation Commands

Introduction BulletRotations Using AxisAndAngle Notation BulletRotation Using Euler Angle (z, y, z) Notation BulletRotations Using YawPitchRoll (z, x, y) Notation BulletThe 3×3 TransformationMatrix Notation BulletConverting Euler Rotations to a 3×3 Matrix BulletConverting YawPitchRoll Rotations to a 3×3 Matrix BulletThe 4×4 TransformationMatrix Notation

A3. Troubleshooting

Dynamic Visualizer Fails to Start, Launch, or Connect BulletQuitVisualizer Fails

BulletDynamic Visualizer Quits Suddenly BulletThe Kernel Fails to Start BulletDynamic Visualizer Commands Do Not Appear to Work BulletLines Appear Discontinuous

BulletQuickTime Trademark Movies Jump When Replaying BulletNothing Is Visible BulletObjects Appear Too Small BulletMoving the Model Has No Visible Effect BulletObjects Rotate Strangely or Appear Distorted BulletObjects Appear to Move Strangely BulletObjects or Textures Do Not Load From Disk BulletGraphics Cannot Be Created BulletDynamic Visualizer and/or Mathematica Has Strange Colors

A4. Visualizer Interface

Starting Dynamic Visualizer BulletLoading Objects BulletColors

A5. Advanced Options

Connecting Manually BulletConnecting Over a Network BulletLaunching and Connecting BulletThe Default Package Options

A6. Using DisplayFunction

Using DisplayFunction

A7. Example Notebooks

Creating Simple Shapes BulletChaotic Evolution BulletSimple Moving Systems

BulletMiscellaneous Examples

A8. ASCII Mesh Format

Definitions Used in This Document BulletRecognized Sections BulletDefault Settings

BulletExample .ams File