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2.1 Starting Dynamic Visualizer

The first step in getting started with Dynamic Visualizer is to load the package. This lets Mathematica know that the package exists and is available when needed.

<< DynamicVisualizer`                the usual method to load the package

Get[" DynamicVisualizer` "]

Needs[" DynamicVisualizer` "]

Different ways to load the Dynamic Visualizer package.

Load Dynamic Visualizer.


The package may fail to load if the Dynamic Visualizer directory has not been installed correctly; please refer to your installation instructions for more details or alternatively, see "Appendix 3: Troubleshooting". To run DynamicVisualizer over a network, please see "Appendix 5: Advanced Options" for more information.

Dynamic Visualizer itself is launched automatically when graphics are sent to it.

Palettes for use with Dynamic Visualizer are stored in the FrontEnd subdirectory of Dynamic Visualizer. All of the palettes are opened using VisualizerPalettes.